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ChautauquaBids is an online auction sales service serving our local and surrounding communities.  Industrial Sales! Machinist Tools!   We also accept quality industrial & commercial consignment items! Liquidating your Business? We can do it for you!
Questions please call us 716-287-3595​

​Chautauqua Bids LLC



*Follow The Link to our Current Auction and Register to Bid.
*Once you bid, Keep watch in case your Outbid and so on & So forth that's pretty self explanatory.
*Auction end is a SOFT CLOSE format which means everything ends a few mins apart NOT directly at 5PM for example.
*Also if someone places a bid within the last few minutes of the item that extends that particular items ending time by a few minutes.
*Once Auction Bidding is completely closed and all bids are in and accounted for the Auction will close and you will see a "May Have Won Item" in the Bids Area. I have to close out the auction the next morning, and send customers out their invoices. So if the auction ends later then we close for the day, This step cannot be done until the day after the auction will end.​​
*If auction isn't paid on Due Date we will charge your card that was filed with the Auction Registration for the amount due. Otherwise you Pay upon pick-up here at the warehouse in Gerry.​

I hope this explains a little better how things work! If you still have any questions, Please feel free to stop in OR call us! Ill try to answer all your questions or concerns.